Mount of Olives Church Foundation Trust

Securing the Growth of Mount of Olives for Future Generations

Mount of Olives Foundation Trust

What is the Mount of Olives Foundation Trust?

The Foundation was established to create a fund to support the ministry of Mount of Olives for future generations.  The Foundation was established in May 1992 through a gift from a member family.  An elected board of MOO members invests the money and oversees distribution of funds. 

What Does the Mount of Olives Foundation Use Funds For?

The Foundation has used the interest proceeds from the Fund to pay for Robert Lange Preschool Kindergarten Curriculum, Preschool computer needs, software and other ministry programming for the church.  The Fund uses only the interest/income not the original investments.  This practice insures there is money for future generations of ministry.  Looking forward, we hope to use the Fund for programs and improvement at Mount of Olives that would not otherwise be possible without the Foundation’s support.

Why Should I Give to the Mount of Olives Foundation?

You should give because you believe in the ministry we do together and want to have that continue for generations to come. Our Foundation wants to come alongside you as you create your Legacy Plan to achieve your personal goals and support the Lord’s work through the future ministry at Mount of Olives Church.  Legacy giving is a way to provide possible tax advantages to you and your estate and financial benefits to Mount of Olives. Talk to your tax or estate professional for specific advice for your personal situation.  We have relationships with several Christian Estate Attorneys that would be happy to meet with you and help.  Click here (link to Robin email) to get more information.

What Can I Use to Give To The Mount of Olives Foundation?

There are many ways to be a Legacy Giver. This is not a comprehensive list, and we always encourage you to consult your tax/estate professional for advice that is specific to you and your estate.

  • Will or Trust Designation – you can leave a charitable bequest in your will or trust.  This gift can be specific dollar amount or percentage of estate, real estate, a vehicle, art, jewelry or like items. 
  • Make Mount of Olives a Beneficiary – If you have a retirement plan, any financial investment account or life insurance policy, you can designate Mount of Olives Foundation as a beneficiary.
  • Utilize Annuity or Charitable Trusts to name Mount of Olives Foundation beneficiary. 
  • IRA Mandatory Distributions - If you are required to take these distributions annually, you can have them directly routed to The Foundation without tax implications for your estate. 

Is There Someone Who Can Answer Questions and Help?

Yes!  We have a team of people who can help you with a basic understanding of how Legacy Giving to the Mount of Olives Foundation can help you, your estate and create a lasting legacy of giving to Mount of Olives Church in your name. 

To find out more about creating a Legacy Giving Plan or Mount of Olives Foundation, please email Robin Horton, Business Administrator.  She will connect you with our Foundation Team to begin our legacy partnership in ministry.