Come & See Meeting

The Great Experiment begins Thursday, February 15 and lasts one month.  

Interested in participating in The Great Experiment? Not sure, but want to learn more?

Borrow a "Participant Primer Book" to learn more about the program. Pick one up on the courtyard after a Sunday service January 28, February 4 or 11.

Additional questions? Email our team at

On February 4 or 11, attend a brief "Come & See Meeting" on a Sunday morning (approximately 5 minutes) immediately after attending a service to hear details, and if you sign up, receive the "Participant's Notebook."

Deadline to signup is Sunday, February 11, 2024.

Wanted: 10 Brave Christians

Who for One Month Will:

1 - Meet once a week to learn howto pray. (90 min)

2 - Serve at least 2 hours in the church each week and do a daily good deed. (self-surrender)

3 - Give God 1/10 of your earnings for one month. (self-denial)

4 - Spend from 5:30-6:00am each morning in prayer and the study of Scripture. (self-control)

5 - Witness about your experience with God to others.

The Great Experiment begins Thursday, February 15, and lasts one month

Sign Up on On Campus in February or sign up online below

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