United to End Homelessness

United to End Homelessness is a community-wide initiative, empowered by United Way, comprised of top leaders from Orange County’s business, philanthropic, faith-based, non-profit and government sectors who are committed to tackling the homelessness crisis. Together we will end chronic homelessness in a humane and dignified way.


United to End Homelessness is committed to ending homelessness in Orange County by March 2024.

Visit unitedtoendhomelessness.org

OC Homelessness

Did you know that one in seven OC homeless are military veterans? Did you know that 52% of the homeless are 50 years old and older? Did you know that 68% of the OC homeless have been here for 10 years? It turns out that the people who are homeless are very different from the stereotypes that have been created. In addition, it has been discovered that it cost about $100,000 for a homeless person to be on the street, but it cost $50,000 when they are placed in homes with “wrap around" services. Orange County is starting to use a method that is working effectively in places like Orlando, Florida, where they decreased homelessness by 50% in just three years.

It is vital that we are part of the answer. The Lord Jesus said that when we help the least among us, we are actually doing it unto Him.